3D Gun printing

3D Gun printing – Plans & Regulations

Szould 3d printing gun or any other firearm be regulated? This question troubles thousands of people all over the globe. Hundreds of thousands of people around the world have already downloaded free 3D gun printing plans, 3d firearm’s models and guns designs. It is true that not all of these people have 3d printer, it’s not like all of these downloaders have 3d printed guns ready for action right now! Still this issue trouble’s people worldwide.

3d printed gun

On May 2013 despite skepticism, Cody Wilson (of Defense Distributed) successfully 3d printed an entire gun, “the Liberator” quite a funny plastic toy looking gun but don’t get tricked by this 3d printed gun look…it can be lethal. Not only this gun smoothly fires .380 caliber bullets like a real gun it did not break apart like many predicted. “The liberator” 3d printed gun is one example. The internet already stores all kinds of 3d gun plans and models that can be easily downloaded and sent for 3d printing.

3d printed gun – “the liberator” by Cody Wilson


Worldwide 3D firearm’s printing legislation

We will most likely witness more and more 3D printing gun legislation in the near future. New regulations suggested recently in New York making it illegal to use 3D printers to create any part of a firearm unless the person has a gunsmith license. Any gunsmith printing 3d guns & firearms parts will be forced to update NYPD within 72 hours. Another 3d gun printing legislation forbids manufacturing, trading or uses any firearms-related  crafts printed with 3d printing technology.

3d printing gun plan

On July 2013, Danish company name “Create it Real” developed program that stops 3D printing guns from becoming real. This firm launched a program that can recognize. Stl files of 3d gun printing or firearms and prevent it from being printed. Their software knows how to recognize any attempt to download. Stl 3d gun file as the file is being checked against characteristics found in firearms, once tracking similarity, the file will be blocked.

Few weeks ago in Israel, channel 10 Israeli Television staff managed to smuggle 3d printed gun to the Israeli Knesset (Israel’s parliament). In another smuggling attempt, one reporter managed to attend an event with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, standing few meters from the prime minister easily passing all the heavy security barriers and procedures causing big frustration and forcing the Israeli security services to rethink how can they overcome this inconvenient new threat? Senior Knesset security officer responded “this is a new phenomenon that confronts all the security systems in Israel and abroad with an entirely new type of challenge…”   in other words, 3d printing firearms may be a real threat.

3d printed gun toy

3D printer gun plans, designs & models

Just like “the liberator” (Cody’s Wilson 3d printed gun plan) was open for more than 100,000 downloads until it was disabled for download, free 3d printing firearm’s plans and models are available in the net, file sharing sites like Pirate Bay or Torrent files allowing worldwide users to download and print their own 3d printed gun. The potential risk of using 3d printed guns is not to be underestimated, but it is still not a threat that should cause panic. One niche which will definitely gain high exposure and turn popular will be the 3d gun printing toys.