3d-printing house plan

3D printing plans – Popular 3D designs

The search for free 3d printer plans (aka 3d printing designs) is constantly rising. There is a constant growth in 3d printers users, people...
3d printing with sugar

Sugar Lab 3D printing interview

An interview with Kyle and Liz von Hasseln husband and wife. Architectural designers and owners of the Los Angeles based  company The Sugar Lab . Sugar...
3d printed gun toy

3D Gun printing

3D Gun printing – Plans & Regulations Szould 3d printing gun or any other firearm be regulated? This question troubles thousands of people all...
3d printing ebay

3D printing at Amazon, eBay and eCommerce

Another flickering indication of the 3d printing industry growth is the eCommerce platforms rising competition to offer 3d printing services, printers and apps. It...
3d printing pets

3D Pet Printing – 3D Pet products & Accessories

One of the latest 3d printing trends is the 3d pet printing. This new trend allows anyone to use 3d printers in order to...
3D printing toys designs

3D Printing Toys Design and Models

There are many benefits in the ability to print 3d toy. Today it’s easier to search online for 3d printer toy designs and models....

3D Printer Plastic Filament

3D printing materials variety is in constant growth, it’s easier to find the best matching material according to your specific budget. Artists use range...
medical cast

3D printing Human Organs

What if instead of using 3D printing ink we could have used live cells and tissues? Believe it or not, 3d printing technology already...
3d printing business

3D Printing, Printers and Services Cost

How much does 3d printing service cost? How much does printer cost? Should I buy 3D printer or pay for printing services? If you...
3d printing hermit crab

Creative use of 3d printing

The combination of 3D printing technology and human creativity generates endless, wonderful creations.  The beauty of the 3D printing industry is that even the...


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